Saturday, July 20, 2013

Praying Jesus Way Pt 4 ~ Chad Fatula ~ 7/21/13 AM Sermon

Praying Jesus Way Pt 4

Warnings from Our Prayer Life

Mt 6:9,10

I. A Warning Against Prayerlessness

  A. Prayerlessness shows a lack of trust in God.

  B. Prayerlessness will remove us from God.

II. A Warning Against Half-heartedness

  A. Half-heartedness is deceptive Christianity.

  B. Half-heartedness gets us following at a distance.

  C. Half-heartedness will not remove problems.

III. A Warning Against Worldliness

  A. Worldliness destroys the influence of the truth.

  B. Worldliness leads to false security.

  C. Worldliness gets us pursuing our own plans.