Friday, February 22, 2013

The Functions of The Father ~ Chad Fatula Sermon ~ 2/24/13 PM

Hope For The Future, Patience In Trial, And 

Strength In Sufferings : Pt 1

The Functions of the Father

1Pe 1:3-5

I. Who God Is

II. What God Does

     A. God’s mercy causes us to…

         1. be born again.

         2. have a living hope.

         3. receive an inheritance.

III. A Different Inheritance

    A. It is imperishable.

    B. It is undefiled.

    C. It will not fade away.

IV. The Security Of The Inheritance

    A. It is protected.

    B. Protected by God’s power.

    C. Protected through faith.

    D. For a salvation.

Give Me a Servant's Heart: Reverence ~ Chad Fatula Sermon ~ 2/24/13 AM

Give Me a Servant’s Heart: Reverence

Ps 2:11

I. What is reverence?

    A. Reverence in the Old Testament.

        1. Yare

        2. Mora

        3. Yirah

    B. Reverence in the New Testament.

        1. Entrepo

        2. Phobeo

        3. Eulabeia

II. Establishing reverence in our hearts.
    A. How NOT to establish reverence.

        1. We can’t establish it on our words.

        2. We can’t establish it on our wisdom.

    B. How to establish reverence.

        1. It is established through obedience.

        2. It is established through preparedness.

        3. It is established by defending your reverence.

        4. It is established through trust in God’s Word.

III. Possessing reverence in our hearts

    A. We must have acceptable service.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Youth Group Soup Kitchen ~ 2/2/13

The Youth Group sponsored a free Soup Kitchen on Saturday, February 2,  2013.  All were welcome to come to the Church to fellowship and eat some yummy soup!

The Youth also delivered jars of soup to individuals and to the Senior Citizen Apartments.

What a great service to the community!

Here are some pictures taken while getting ready:

Wills Mt. Church of Christ Youth Group 

Walk the Walk ~ Chad Fatula Sermon ~ AM~ 2/10/13

Walk the Walk

I. Walk in love

    A. We’re to imitate our father as beloved children.

    B. What is walking in love?

    C. Walking in love means something.

II. Walk in light

    A. You were once in darkness.

“Without my glasses”

A few months after their final child left home for college, a man’s 
wife was resting on the couch while her head was on his lap. He 
carefully removed her glasses and romantically said, “You know, 
without your glasses you look like the same beautiful young woman 
I married years ago.” “Honey,” she replied with a smile, “without 
my glasses you still look pretty good too.”  

Greeting and Salutations ~ 1 Peter ~ Chad Fatula Sermon ~ PM ~ 2/10/13

Greeting and Salutations

I. The greeting

   A. The author of the epistle.

   B. The recipients of the epistle.

   C. Who are the chosen?
   D. Two sides of being chosen.

       1. Heavenly Side

       2. Humanly Side

II. The salutation

     A. This is actually a prayer.

Have you ever felt left out because of your Christianity? A friend’s dirty joke or conversation, a science class that teaches evolution, or showing integrity at work when others chose not to are all common ways we are left out. A Christian can live courageously in a world that doesn’t want them because God does!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Attendance: 76
Bibles Brought:  43
Sunday School:  34
Bible Chapters Read:  314

Sunday Morning Sermon


Sunday Evening Sermon

1 Peter


Wednesday Study

"The Eternal Struggle:"
Ishmael and Isaac"


Memory Verse

"These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace.  In the world you have tribulation, but take courage, I have overcome the world."

John 16:33


        Sun, Feb 3.     Levit.    6-7
    Mon, Feb 4.                8-10
                                                             Tues, Feb 5.               11-12
                                                             Wed, Feb 6.               13-14
                                                          Thurs, Feb 7.                15-17
                                                                Fri, Feb 8.                18-20
                                                               Sat, Feb 9.                21-23


Birthdays and Anniversaries

3rd-  Jenny Hosselrode
5th-  Barb Ryan
5th- Ralph Green
8th-  Melvin and Ginny Spiritual Bday


Next Sunday:

Adult S.S.:  Melvin
Teen S.S. :  Brian Clarence
Wee Church:  Jessica and Judy
Welcome:  Paul Sr.
Jr. Church:  Brian
Communion Meditation:  Chad
Communion Servers:  Tim, Bill, Chaz, Drew
Offering Meditation:  Chaz
Praise Songs:  Doug


"And if My people who are called by My name shall humble themselves and pray, and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land."

II Chronicles 7:14

Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Five W's of Peter's First Epistile ~ Chad Fatula ~ 1st Peter ~ 2/3/13 pm

The Five W’s of Peter’s First Epistle


I. The “who” of 1 Peter

    A. Who wrote it?  Peter

    B. Who it is addressed to.  Christians, "the elect"

    C. Who is Peter?

II. The “what” of 1 Peter

    A. What is Peter’s purpose?  Exhort and encourage

    B. What is Peter doing?

       1. Strengthening his brothers.

       2. Feeding the flock.

III. The “when” of 1 Peter:  between 65-68 AD but not certain

IV. The “where” of 1 Peter:  Most likely Rome

V. The “why” of 1 Peter:  We will go through fiery trials and 1Peter can strengthen, comfort and confirm our faith.

Give Me A Servant's Heart : Accountability ~ Chad Fatula Sermon ~ 2/3/13

Give Me A Servant’s Heart: 


I. We’re accountable to the Scriptures.

    A. We must be accountable without blame shifting.

    B. We must be accountable without ignorance.

II. The three T’s

    A. Time

    B. Talent

    C. Treasure

III. We must be accountable to one another.

    A. Our neighbor.

    B. Our physical family.

    C. Our church family.

1. Treasures

2. Prayers

3. Love