Friday, February 22, 2013

Give Me a Servant's Heart: Reverence ~ Chad Fatula Sermon ~ 2/24/13 AM

Give Me a Servant’s Heart: Reverence

Ps 2:11

I. What is reverence?

    A. Reverence in the Old Testament.

        1. Yare

        2. Mora

        3. Yirah

    B. Reverence in the New Testament.

        1. Entrepo

        2. Phobeo

        3. Eulabeia

II. Establishing reverence in our hearts.
    A. How NOT to establish reverence.

        1. We can’t establish it on our words.

        2. We can’t establish it on our wisdom.

    B. How to establish reverence.

        1. It is established through obedience.

        2. It is established through preparedness.

        3. It is established by defending your reverence.

        4. It is established through trust in God’s Word.

III. Possessing reverence in our hearts

    A. We must have acceptable service.

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