Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Five W's of Peter's First Epistile ~ Chad Fatula ~ 1st Peter ~ 2/3/13 pm

The Five W’s of Peter’s First Epistle


I. The “who” of 1 Peter

    A. Who wrote it?  Peter

    B. Who it is addressed to.  Christians, "the elect"

    C. Who is Peter?

II. The “what” of 1 Peter

    A. What is Peter’s purpose?  Exhort and encourage

    B. What is Peter doing?

       1. Strengthening his brothers.

       2. Feeding the flock.

III. The “when” of 1 Peter:  between 65-68 AD but not certain

IV. The “where” of 1 Peter:  Most likely Rome

V. The “why” of 1 Peter:  We will go through fiery trials and 1Peter can strengthen, comfort and confirm our faith.

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