Friday, February 22, 2013

The Functions of The Father ~ Chad Fatula Sermon ~ 2/24/13 PM

Hope For The Future, Patience In Trial, And 

Strength In Sufferings : Pt 1

The Functions of the Father

1Pe 1:3-5

I. Who God Is

II. What God Does

     A. God’s mercy causes us to…

         1. be born again.

         2. have a living hope.

         3. receive an inheritance.

III. A Different Inheritance

    A. It is imperishable.

    B. It is undefiled.

    C. It will not fade away.

IV. The Security Of The Inheritance

    A. It is protected.

    B. Protected by God’s power.

    C. Protected through faith.

    D. For a salvation.

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