Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Rich Are Warned ~ Chad Fatula ~ 12/16/12 PM

The Rich are Warned
James 5:1-6

I.  The worthlessness of riches.

     A.  Wealth is not a sin.  I Timothy 6:9-10
           1.  The love of money is a sin.
           2.  More blessings bring more responsibility.
           3.  We should work to share.  Eph 4:28

     B.  Three types of riches and their form of decay:

           1.  Corn or grain - ROT
           2.  Garments - MOTH-EATEN
           3.  Gold & Silver - RUST

      These things mean nothing to the Lord -
                      Matthew 6:19-21

II.  The Peril of the Selfish Rich.

     A.  Their wealth was gained by "injustice."  Jeremiah 22:13

     B.  Their wealth was used "selfishly."  Romans 8:5-6, Proverbs 23:4

Study of James
by Chad Fatula

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